Spark Your Child's
Where Little Ones Shine Like The Stars They Are
Spark Your Child's


Where Little Ones Shine Like The Stars They Are

Preschool & Child Care Center serving Shalimar, FL

Safety First! Cameras, Fences, & More Keep Children Secure

You can relax knowing your child stays safe and sound all day, every day, in a center with strict access controls and tall privacy fences. Plus, security cameras keep watch indoors and out for your peace of mind.
Bright, Well Equipped Spaces Inspire Your Little Learner

Give Them A Head Start On Future School Success Now

Nurturing teachers prepare your child for the future with exciting activities from the hands-on Mother Goose Time© curriculum. They explore reading, writing, and STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math) through playful projects and experiments every day.

Awesome Outdoor Adventures Are Happening Here Every Day

Your kiddo runs, jumps, swings, and climbs their way to physical confidence and coordination on safe, age-separated playgrounds with their friends. They love to let off steam outdoors, and cool off every other Friday on the epic waterslide!

A Fun Gym With Options For Every Age & Stage

Your child builds strength and flexibility in a dedicated indoor space equipped with climbers, pedal cars, and games that challenge and develop their gross motor skills as they grow.

Tasty Food At Happy Tables For Good Health & Manners

Your child enjoys delicious, nutritious meals and snacks with a focus on fresh fruits and veggies, all prepared in a nut-free environment. They experience new flavors and foods, sit and eat with friends, and learn good table manners.

Professional Cleaners Keep Spaces Sparkling

Mess? What Mess? Your creative little learner steps into a spotless space every day thanks to a pro cleaning team that keeps everything sparkling. Their teachers stay on top of sanitization all day, so your child can concentrate on expressing themselves!

Stay Connected With Daily Updates On Your Free App

You know everything your little one is doing with regular news sent directly to your device. The handy, free Smartcare app puts their day at your fingertips, and you can message their teacher whenever you have questions or concerns.

Exciting In-House Visits Make Lasting Memories

Your child looks forward to special occasions and chances to celebrate all year! Whether it’s dress-up day, a visit from the police officers, fire department, or reptile zoo, they can’t wait to tell you all about it. 

We’re Proud To Support You With Our Scholarship Program

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

" I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this daycare to all my friends and family!!"
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We absolutely LOVE Bright Stars! The atmosphere is amazing and teachers are even better. Each teacher treats each kid like one of their own. My kiddos look forward going here every day and we have grown close bonds with each teacher. The curriculum is one of the best around and has helped my kiddos in so many ways. I could go on and on about how outstanding this center is.

- Mallory White

"My baby greets the staff with the biggest smile each morning so I know she enjoys being there!!"
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Amazing childcare center. My stepdaughter attended this daycare and she absolutely loved it. The range of subjects she learnt was outstanding. At 4 years old she could tell me the order of the planets and about volcanoes. She still talks about the daycare now, wishing she could go back! My 8 month old daughter now goes to Bright Stars and I wouldn't trust her with anyone else! The staff are so warm and caring, they feel like family!

- Aimee Brim

"We couldn’t be happier with the care given at Bright Stars!!"
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Both of my children attend the center and they look forward to being there each day. I appreciate that the teachers are all patient and kind. It makes it that much easier to leave them there knowing my kids are in good hands. They make sure the center is cleaned regularly and are conscious about covid precautions which is something we appreciate greatly. My son especially loves his teachers, friends, and special days like music class

- Tara Morello

"We love bright stars childcare, he teachers are wonderful!!"
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As first-time parents they make us feel so comfortable and safe with leaving our child there. They are always available to answer questions and keep us updated throughout the day with pictures and notes saying how our child is doing (: Not only does our child look forward to going every day but we look forward to seeing the teachers and saying hello as well!

- Ivy VerValen

"The love and care each staff member shows EVERY child is beyond amazing!!"
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The teachers know all the children by their 1st name and play an active role in their lives. It truly is a family-type atmosphere. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for EXCELLENT child care and the development of their child/children. If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would. Thank you BRIGHT STARS!

- Moonchild Blessing


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